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Sales, Marketing, and Tech Recruiting Agency


Sales, Marketing, and Tech Recruiting Agency



Backed by more than 20 years of staffing experience and fueled by a burning passion for what we do, TM8 will help make you make your team great! TM8 is a leading Sales, Marketing, and Tech Recruiting Agency headquartered in beautiful Vancouver, BC with an office in Edmonton, AB serving the proud people of Alberta.  Since 2009, TM8 has recruited some of the world’s leading technology experts and senior sales and marketing professionals for dozens of top companies across western Canada and throughout the world.

TM8 Specialization: Sales, Marketing, and Tech Recruiting Agency

Here at TM8, we are great believers in specialization and focus, because we recognize that dedicating all our financial and human resources to a particular market niche, and then working on being the best in that niche, gives us a huge competitive advantage.

We have a team of dedicated recruiters, covering various segments and recruiting for the following positions:

Sales & Marketing
Business Development
Operations & General Management
Engineering- Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, Structural, Civil
Technical – Design, Development, Implementation, Integration, Consulting
General & Operations Management
Project Management

Industries Served

IT/Tech, Software, Hardware
Industrial/Heavy Equipment/ Manufacturing
Consumer Goods and CPG
Advertising , Media
Engineering – Electrical, Semiconductors, Mechanical, Industrial, Structural/Civil.
TM8 specializes in providing companies with the qualified employees necessary for their success. We search, research and recruit the highest standard of applicants to match our clients needs and we help job seekers find the best match for their skills.

Delivering a quality, personalized experience to both the employer and career seeker is our goal. TM8 understands the important role people play in every aspect of the success of our careers, businesses, our day-to-day lives, and our world. That is why the goal of serving, assisting, and developing people is at the very heart of our business.

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