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Reduce your Developer staff turnover rates

I may be kicking myself for writing this but despite the fact that we earn fees for sourcing and placing candidates with clients, I very much prefer to see customers reduce your developer staff turnover, and I want the candidates we work with to be happy and stay for the long haul at the companies …

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Tips for employers on working with external recruitment agencies

Here are a few important tips on working with external recruitment agencies. A) Pay close attention to the questions they ask you regarding the position and your company during your meeting with them. If you are not comfortable that the recruiter did a thorough job analysis with you and asked questions not only pertaining to the …

As a Business Leader, When Should We Use the Services of a Recruitment Agency?

There are a number of instances when it makes sense to utilize a recruitment agency for an open position within your company. 1. The vacant position is vitally important to the success of your company. Senior positions such as the C-Suite, VP level as well as Senior Sales, Operations, or Product Development roles for example, …