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Recruitment Service Locations

TM8 – Recruitment Agency serving Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.


Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, TM8 provides professional recruiting and headhunting services. Using the latest technologies, our recruitment service encompasses locations in Western Canada and the US Pacific Northwest.


Whether your a local company seeking talent for your growing business or a Global company seeking talent for your branch location in Western Canada or the US Pacific Northwest, TM8 Recruitment is a trusted recruiting resource. Our Recruitment Service Locations span across BC, Alberta and Washington State.

Since 2009, TM8 Recruitment has worked with companies on recruiting talent throughout western Canada and The Pacific Northwest. Over those years, we have accumulated more than 20,000 candidate resumes from these areas and have interviewed thousands of professionals, many of whom work exclusively with TM8 Recruitment.

We have worked with local, national and international companies and have placed candidates in client locations across North America. We are equipped to provide professional headhunting and recruiting services to companies around the world, with our strength lying in our deep relationships and experience in this particular geographic region.

Our recruitment service locations include these specific Municipalities:

British Columbia, Canada

Alberta, Canada